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9" x 5" x 6.75" White Chicken Barn Box  
The unique shape of this “barn” box draws customers to take a look at what's inside. Increasing impulse sales. The handle makes carrying your purchase easier.
Product ID:   071002
Sold As: 250 Boxes/Case
Smyrna Container

White Automatic 1 Piece Barn Box - 8" x 5" x 8" 
A white, one piece barn box. Ideal for small portion sizes. Handle makes for easy carrying and transportaion. Reinforced full flap bottom helps keep product secure.
Product ID:   070996
Sold As: 125 Boxes/Bundle
Southern Champion Tray

Hearthstone Design Large Barn Box 
Ideal for upscale soirees, and classic enough for family get-togethers, yet makes everything seem like it is fresh from the kitchen. The warm colors and unique look provide the perfect finish to your food creations and will compliment any table...
Product ID:   065178
Sold As: 150 Boxes/Case
Southern Champion Tray


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