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Cormatic® VuAll® Soap Dispensers

  • This Cormatic® VuAll® soap dispenser is designed to hold either one 3-litre bottle/1-litre bottle of Cormatic/Ultima® Handi-Scrubb soap to provide a more effective and convenient alternative to expensive, messy bar soaps and low-quality liquid/powder soaps.
  • Its durable, plastic construction delivers reliable performance in high-traffic areas and reduces maintenance and refill time by providing a clear view of the soap without opening the dispenser.
  • This dispenser's self-locking design and portion-control mechanism help to protect against waste and pilferage, further reducing costs.
Manufacturer:    Georgia-Pacific Products
Type: Manual
UNSPSC: 47131704
Trademark Name: Cormatic® VuAll®
Product Color: Smoke
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