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Product Specifications

Dish Machine Detergent

  • A liquid detergent for industrial dish machines.
  • Its alkali structure and complex formers allows the detergent to be effective in various types of water, even hard water.
  • Breaks down food soils, grease and oil.
  • Does not cause porcelain dishes and glasses to fade out.
  • It prevents lime accumulation in the machine.
Manufacturer:    Ecolab Products
UNSPSC: 47131810
Dispensing Method: Automatic/Manual
Product Color: Light Tan
Specialty: Not Specified
Intended Use: Machine
Type: Not Specified
pH: 13.5 ±0.5
Fragrance: Fragrance-Free
Physical State: Liquid
Trademark Name: Super Trump®
Dilution: Concentrated
DOT Information: Click For Details
Certifications: Kosher
Product Index:
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There are 2 variations for this product:
Super Trump® Liquid Dishwasher Machine Detergent - 1 Gallon
Product ID:    R00059
Sold As:    4 Bottles/Case
Inner Pack:    4-1 Gallon Bottles Per Case
Pack Size Unit:    Bottles
Selling Unit:    Case
Quantity: Quote
Super Trump®Liquid Dishwasher Machine Detergent - 5 Gallons
Product ID:    R06111
Sold As:    5 Gallons/Pail
Inner Pack:    1-5 Gallon Pail
Pack Size Unit:    Gallons
Selling Unit:    Pail
Quantity: Quote

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