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SCA Tissue - Wipers    

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Tork Advanced Cuisine Foodservice Microban Wiper 
Tork Advanced Cuisine Foodservice Microban Wiper is color-coded to reduce the risk of cross contamination and now include large apertures that increase food pick up and improve release in water. With SCA's foodservice wiper system, you can be...
Product ID:   337069
Sold As: 150 Wipers/Case
SCA Tissue

Tork Universal Wiper 330 
Tork Universal Wiper 330 is soft and non-abrasive providing protection to delicate surfaces. 2-Ply cellulose absorbs 4 times its weight. Tork Universal Wiper 330 is solvent resistant and long lasting offering faster and more effective wiping....
Product ID:   337071
Sold As: 2 Rolls/Case
SCA Tissue

Tork® 1-Ply Cleaning Cloth - 8.46" x 16.13" 
A soft, flexible, 1-ply multipurpose cleaning cloth. Quickly absorbs liquids and oil. Provides professional cleaning results. Features excelCLEAN® wiper technology. Contains 100% synthetic and virgin fibers.
Product ID:   338172
Sold As: 500 Cloths/Case
SCA Tissue

Tork® Industrial Cleaning Cloth 
An industrial cleaning cloth. Flexible cloths allow cleaning in tight spaces. Ideal for cleaning oil and grease spills. Provides professional cleaning results. Made from 100% synthetic and virgin fibers.
Product ID:   338179
Sold As: 280 Wipers/Case
SCA Tissue

Tork® Anti-Microbial Premium Foodservice Wiper 
An anti-microbial foodservice wiper. Ideal for high volume areas, kitchens, tables and food prep areas. Apertures pick up particles and rinse easily. Stain resistance keeps wipers looking clean. Absorbent cloths pick up liquids and spills...
Product ID:   338173
Sold As: 50 Wipers/Case
SCA Tissue

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