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Deb Stoko USA LLC - Hand Cleaners

Product DetailsManufacturer
STOKO® Kresto® Extra Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner - 2000 mL Refill 
An extra heavy-duty hand cleaner.Eliminates industrial odors on the hands.Perfect for removing stubborn dirt, grime and oils.Easily rinses away and does not clog drains.Contains Eucornol® to prevent skin irritation.Formulated to be slightly acidic...
Product ID:   L03043
Sold As: 2 Cartridges/Case
Deb Stoko USA LLC

STOKO® Estesol® Light Duty Hand Cleaner - 4000 mL Refill 
A green-certified, light-duty hand cleaner. Ideal for general purpose and light industrial soils. Cleaning formula provides strong washing power and good skin compatibility. Gentle to the skin even with everyday use. Offers up an excellent...
Product ID:   L03013
Sold As: 2 Bottles/Case
Certifications:   Greensafe, Green Seal™
Deb Stoko USA LLC

STOKO® Kresto® Extra Heavy Duty Hand Cleanser - 4000 mL Refill 
An extra heavy-duty, scrubber-based hand cleaner. Ideal for the toughest dirt, including intensely stubborn industrial dirt. Leverages all-natural, biodegradeable, walnut shell powder as its scrubber. Cleaning formula includes a safe solvent...
Product ID:   L03028
Sold As: 2 Bottles/Case
Deb Stoko USA LLC

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