Greensafe Cleaning Program

The Greensafe Cleaning Program is a facilities maintenance program that protects the health of the custodial staff and building occupants and has a reduced impact on the environment. Green cleaning products and procedures have been greatly improved in recent years and are now extremely effective and cost neutral. Imperial Dade offers a complete line of chemicals, paper products, tools and equipment that when used properly help improve indoor air quality, reduce waste, and better maintain a safe, clean facility.

Green Cleaning is also an important part of certification programs including the United States Green Building Council's LEED Program. Imperial Dade has staff professionals who are trained to help customers meet the needs of such programs.

Greensafe Foodservice Program

The Greensafe Foodservice Program guides customers in understanding the various attributes of both traditional and new product technology, assisting the foodservice operator in making the best choice based on their individual goals. Packaging is necessary to protect and transport food in a sanitary manner prior to consumption. There are many attributes to consider when selecting the best food packaging and serviceware for an operation. Functionality, cost, recyclability and raw material sources are all factors to be weighed when sourcing products. Imperial Dade representatives are available to consult on these important decisions.

 Greensafe Brochure

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